September 9, 2012

As I am closer to finishing my second class in the MISST program, I am starting to get really excited about what is to come in the future of the program. I have already learned so much in just two classes and I am very much looking foward to seeing all the things that will come from the next nine. I have really benefitted from all the deliverables that we have been doing in INFR-617. I have learned basic accounting skills, have learned how problem based learning works, and have gotten to distribute a 360 degree appraisal. I have learned the ideas and thoughts of Pink and Friedman and have been able to hear and read many articles and exerpts from their works. All of these experiences have been very helpful in really understanding the basis of the MISST program. I cannot wait to see how all of these things will continue to benefit me during my time at Muskingum!

July 6, 2013

It's weird to think that I am in the midst of my second year of MISST. I've learned a lot about myself as a student and about the world of technology in a whole new way. As I am towards the beginning of my current class, Building the Business Case, I'm learning more about innovation and how it can be used to improve a company. I'm looking forward to starting my project and learning more about innovation. This is definitely one of my favorite learning modules of all the classes I have been able to take. Hoping that this is the start of many new learning modules that I will enjoy and that I can apply to my own job.

July 14, 2013

I really feel like my business tries many new ideas and new ways to do things. It doesn't seem like many of the employees like the new changes, but it really has proven to show that the customers appreciate it. For example. we have started a "secondary support" in which a member of another department (applications, development, QA) joins the support team for 3 hours during the normal workday. This has led to happier customers since there is an additional person helping with the support tickets and they are getting done faster. It goes to show that the customer opinions really do matter. Not to mention, they are more willing to pay for the standardized support (unlimited support costs a certain amount) when their problems are taken care of in a reasonable time. This has proven to show that customers appreciate when support is taken care of ASAP and especially when there are urgent issues, there are enough people to handle them. In the past, we have had issues with not answering emails quickly enough for the customer's standards. While we are also working to hire more support employees, this is a way to alleviate the issues in a smaller way before they get worse.

August 20, 2013

It's really interesting to me how much risk must be assessed before deciding upon a new change of the company. I thought doing the risk register really showed how much needs to be taken into consideration before making a big decision. When I did the risk register for a project we are actually doing at work, I really started to see all the problems that could arise from the changes we were going to implement. Now that we're into the proejct, some of the risks that I talked about in my register actually happened! It was also interesting to see how the project has played out but also how we handled the risks that ended up affecting the project. I told my boss that we should keep all of those things in mind when starting a new project. We'll see if he listens and creates a risk register for the next one!

August 27, 2013


Here I am in my last week of Building the Business Case. I've learned about ValIT, COBIT, cascading goals, ROI, Risk management, IT Value Management, and many other topics. While the presentation didn't go as well as I would ahve hoped, I still learned a lot about these topics. Innovation has really helped me in my own job, as I am questioning things more and really focusing on the "why" of things. Why are we doing something a specific way? As much as questioning probably bothers some of my coworkers, I believe that it is helping me learn a lot better. I am also finding better ways to do things within the software at work and that has proven to be very helpful.