MISST Program

About the program

The Master's of Information Strategy Systems and Technology degree from Muskingum University integrates business and technology to develop the 21st century professional. It is a fully-online program that is able to be completed while working at a full time job.

Learning goals and objectives

Individual Goal

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Measuring Progress

Effectively train employees on technical knowledge and lead them to success


For my job, I train employees on our software and I need to do it with authority and confidence.

I continue to train employees for my job and learn from those experiences.

Improve project management skills


At work, I will have the opportunity to lead projects and need to develop these skills to excel in this portion of my job.

I will use the experience I gained in undergrad studies to continue to improve my project management skills..

Communicate effectively with employees/students


I need to improve my communication skills with co-workers and other management. Communication is very important in a software company. My ultimate goal is to become a professor and I would need to communicate with students well.

I train customers on software and have learned how to communicate in a manner that they can understand.

Learn and expand my knowledge about IT infrastructure and computer software


As an employee, I need to stay up to date with the latest software and technology. As a (hopeful) professor, I need to effectively convey my knowledge with my students.

I stay up to date with the latest technology and learn how to use it. I read up on new software and new technologies coming out.

Be more adaptable for change and be ready for it.


I need to become more adaptable to change since technology is always changing.

As our software keeps changing, I have to keep adapting to ensure that I am ready to train our customers on the software.