MISST Schedule


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INFR-617 (Summer 2012)

Look Back Paper
LEAD Deliverable 1- Strengths: Futuristic, Discipline, Responsibility, Woo, Communication
LEAD Deliverable 2

LEAD Deliverable 3

LEAD Deliverable 4

Learning Objectives and Reflection

Financial Analysis

Financial Analysis Workbook

MISST Deliverable

Final Deliverable


INFR-521 (Summer 2012)

INFR-516 (Fall 2012)
INFR-517 (Spring 2013)

INFR-618 (Summer 2013)

INFR-512 (Summer 2013)

future classes

These classes have not yet been completed.
INFR-513: Strategic Application of Technology
INFR-514: Strategic Vision

INFR-518: Emerging Technologies

INFR-619: Applied Strategy, Systems and Technology I

INFR-620: Applied Strategy, Systems and Technology II